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Welcome to Lodestone Properties, a Niseko home management solution.


Lodestone [lohd-stohn / ロードストーン]
Something that attracts strongly.

With each visit, Niseko attracts her visitors to set up a home in her arms; Whether your first visit was in her bountiful summer or powder heavenly winter, we understand that the attraction towards this sleepy town is always magnetic.

Lodestone Properties is a small, local start-up dedicated to provide a valued home management and property maintenance service in Niseko.

Reflective of its namesake, the concept of Lodestone Properties is about the summon of this magical town, Niseko; Your save point. 



[16 Jul 2018]
J’ai La Patate is making the world happier with potatoes! As a foodie, J’ai La Patate is easily one of my favourite local eats; It’s hidden in Country Resort, offering French cuisine with a slight Japanese twist. Chef, Seino-san, makes the one of most delicious meals in town; and sommelier, Yuki-san, takes it to the next level with his perfect wine (or sake!) pairings! Don’t miss out, make your reservation now!

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